Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Light Up Pop Up Mermaid Card

Hello, friends! Today I'm up on the Chibitronics blog  with this cute light up pop up card featuring Chibitronics LED and Lawn Fawn Mermaid For You stamp set.

Here are my supplies:

First, I drew the position of the battery holder and switch on the 14.2 x 20 cm white chipboard, and cut out. Then, I adhered the chipboard to the cardstock (14.2 x 21 cm white cardstock which is measured 10.3 cm, 0.4 cm, 10.3 cm in lengthwise and folded). Next, I built my circuit with Copper tape and Conductive Fabric Tape. I cut a tiny gap at the place where the switch made at there. For the switch, I adhered one piece of rectangle paper to the cardstock and I added a chipboard wrapped with Conductive Fabric Tape underneath the rectangle. The function of rectangle paper is just like pull tab.

Next, I cut two pop ups on the another 14.2 x 21 cm white cardstock. (Measured 11 cm and 10 cm in lengthwise and folded ). I adhered the pop up cardstock on the chipboard and used Conductive Fabric Tape to connect the background circuit with wave circuit.

As you see, I added the yellow LED sticker and red LED sticker to other paper piece, and then adhered them behind the waves. To complete the whole circuit, I connected the wave circuit and LEDs with Conductive Fabric Tape.

I made a step by step video or you can watch it over on my YouTube Channel:

That is all from my side today. I hope you were inspired and give Chibitronics products a try!

Have a great day.

Thank you 

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