Monday, January 30, 2017

happy holiday (interactive card) 手作發光卡片

Hi, Today I would like to share a interactive card using circuit sticker.

STEP 1. I cut a circle and a half-ellipse shaped track on a white cardstock. 
STEP 2. I used pencil to draw the circle and the half-ellipse shaped track on another cardstock, and stamped the light images in black. The circuit sticker sketch is inspired by "blinking slide switch" from circuit sticker sketchbook. I connected different LED branches along a single slide switch.

STEP 3. I draw the circle and the half-ellipse shaped track on the third cardstock. I also stamped light images, and then blended purple and blue distress ink to create the background.
STEP 4. I glued two cardstock (step1 and step3) together. .

STEP 5 and STEP 6. Made a switch contact to turn on the LED.

STEP 7. I stamped the penguin, colored it with copic, and cut it out.
STEP 8.The spinner mechanism was made with two piece of papers. I placed the one which is also the switch contact under the track and adhered the other on top on the front side of the track. Then, I adhered the penguin to the top of the paper.

When you press your finger on the penguin along this track, the LED will turn on in order!

Hope you like my card. Thank you!

I'm entering to the following challenges:

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