2017年7月1日 星期六

traveler's notebook spreads 旅行者筆記 手帳生活

Hi friends, I'm back with you today to two traveler's notebook spreads using the some beautiful kits, such as Felicity Jane, Kelly Purkey, Simple Stories, and so on. 

今日要與大家分享兩篇traveler's notebook 旅行者筆記的內頁設計,希望大家喜歡!
最近迷上的traveler's notebook 不是midori 的手帳,而是美國相編品牌Felicity Jane出產的手帳。除了因為它地封面美之外,主要還是內頁是純白色的,而且紙質好、夠厚,能夠讓我蓋印以及上色兒不透色到背面頁。

This first spread is about my little trip to Jhuzihu of Yangmingshan, Taipei. The Hydrangea of Jhuzihu are in their prime now. Their colors are both abundant and diverse, love them so much!

I wanted to make my spread look like "project life", so I began by cutting my photo to many little parts.
After arranged my photos, I also added some little pattern papers.

Above the photos and pattern papers I stamped some sentiments and images, and then added some cute stickers and embellishments.

traveler's notebook 到底要怎麼玩?我比較不喜歡走懷舊風格,所以傾向和相編風格作結合。 我特地將照片切成好幾個小方格,然後中間再隨機加上幾個美編紙裁成的小風格,讓整體看起來很像 project life的風格。


I made a tutorial video. You can watch the video tutorial here or on YouTube.

這篇的製作過程特別有錄影,所以可以上 YouTube看!


The second spread is about ZUSHI. "ZUSHI" or "SUSHI"? My Japanese friend said the correct spelling is "ZUSHI" 

I layered some papers and tag below the photo, and I also stamped some sentiments.

I covered the right hand side of the spread with the black and white dot patterned paper, and then added some images .

第二篇的風格比較是手帳風格。我還蠻喜歡Kelly Purkey出的印章,完全適合運用在手帳。


Thanks so much for joining me on the blog today!



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