Wednesday, October 25, 2017

circle spinner light up card using Chibitronics and Honey Bees stamp

Hi Chibitronics friends! today I share a circle spinner light up card over Chibitronics blog!

STEP 1. I started by stamping and coloring kitties with the markers .

STEP 2. I used two half-ellipse shaped dies to cut a slider on a white cardstock.

STEP 3. Used pencil to draw the half-ellipse shaped track on another cardstock, and stamped the little butteries in black. The circuit sticker sketch is inspired by "blinking slide switch" from circuit sticker sketchbook. I connected three LED branches along a single slide switch.

STEP 4.  Sticked foil tape and 3 Led stickers.
STEP 5.  To turn on the LED, create a switch contact is necessary! I sticked some foil tape to the spinner mechanism.  I placed the spinner mechanism which has foil tape under the slider track and adhered the kitty on the front side of the track.  

The supplies I used :

When you press your finger on the kitty along the track, the LEDs will turn on in order!

I have a video for you too. Please check my YouTube channel.

Thank you for stopping by today! Have lovely day!

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